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a journey into farming

In another life, Uyen had worked as a legal advisor on environmental issues in rainy Brussels. After 10 years as a lawyer, the idea of occupying fallow lands located on her husband’s family vineyards in Dordogne, France, gained ground. Her wish was to create her own living environment and to pursue the safeguard of biodiversity in her own way.

In 2018, after a transition year, she became a medicinal herb farmer and hand-picker. The dream could become wild!


Uyen hand-picked all the plants she grows to design her own herbal tea blends and to make delicious ice pops. As a summertime treat or to warm you up during cold winters, bring back the wild into your life! 

With Born to Be Wild, I intend to create a farm where sustainable harvesting in the wild and appropriate organic farming practices of medicinal plants can make a difference for us and our children’s future. I want to bring us back on the path we should never have left: the simple pleasure of nature’s taste.


in a French world!

Born to Be Wild's founder is Vietnamese, born in Belgium, married to a French and previously studying and living in the European bubble. After 10 years using mostly English as her working language, an English name immediately came up for her farming project. 

Born to Be Wild believes in « natural farming », the ecological farming approach developed by Masanobu Fukuoka, also known as « do-nothing farming », where human inputs are limited.


Born to Be Wild also refers to Mother Nature and how we are all anchored into the wild, no matter our lifestyle.


We are more than a simple farm. We believe in a certain way of life, inspired by nature. 

Born to Be Wild stands at the crossroad between farming and the urban world, in line with today’s realities. 

Plantes aromatiques et médicinales. Paysanne-cueilleuse. Tisanes issues de l'agriculture biologique. Ferme en permaculture.


Sustainable and eco-friendly 


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We do organic farming and wild harvest is conducted is in a sustainable and ethical way. We try to wild-harvest as much as possible within the limits of our land. 

Rapidly, because we believe in their values, we would like to obtain the following labels: Nature & Progrès and Simples.


We try to apply principles of farming and social design principles as developed by the permaculture system.


Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labour; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.


With Born to Be Wild, we intend to recycle as much as we can. This is why self-propagating plants are mown and used as mulch, slurry or compost to create stable soil structure. 

We also want to integrate animals to process fruits, flowers and grass: chicken, goats, donkeys for manure, bees, etc.


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We are aiming at a strong coherence between our winemaking activities and our medicinal herbs farming activities, as well as at full harmony between our private and professional life. 


Our office is our garden where friends and family are welcome.  


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